Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone…
Africa's global manufacturing and air logistics platform

Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone is a world-class development offering globally integrated logistics and manufacturing infrastructure, and support for a range of airport-related activities, including cargo operations, warehousing, agriculture, and commercial real-estate for office, retail and hospitality.

The benefits offered to businesses operating within the Special Economic Zone are geared towards promoting business growth, revenue generation, employment creation, the export of value-added commodities, and the attraction of both foreign and local investment – all enhancing South Africa’s manufacturing and export capabilities.

Owned by the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government, Dube TradePort is the province’s flagship infrastructural development and key priority, forming part of South Africa’s National Infrastructure Plan.


Strategically located on the east coast of South Africa, linked to two of Africa’s major seaports, major national roads and home to King Shaka International Airport, Dube TradePort is strategically positioned at the intersection of local and global intermodal transport routes.

Dube TradePort is a 50-year master-planned airfreight and passenger hub, comprising five business zones:

  • Dube TradeZone: A prime, fully-serviced industrial precinct of 77 hectares, growing to 300 hectares, for electronics, pharmaceuticals and aerospace manufacturing, assembling, and distribution;

  • Dube Cargo Terminal: A state-of-the-art cargo handling facility with digital tracking and secure cargo flow through on-site statutory bodies, which prides itself on 0% cargo loss since inception in 2010;

  • Dube AgriZone: An advanced agricultural precinct that provides world-class facilities and technical support for propagating, growing, packing and distributing high-value perishables and horticultural products through an efficient supply chain;

  • Dube City: A 12-hectare premium business and hospitality precinct, just 3 minutes from the passenger terminal;

  • Dube iConnect: A cutting-edge telecommunications platform and premier cloud service provider, servicing the Dube TradePort precinct and KwaZulu-Natal’s only locally-hosted cloud service, making it the premier offering for regional data recovery.